“Everything Is Well Organized, People Are Very Friendly”

Academy award winner French director Michel Hazanavicius, whose film “Redoubtable” is in the official selection of the 54th International Antalya Film Festival, praised the festival.

The famous director met with the press in the morning and then with fans from Antalya at a Q&A which was organized by the festival.

Stating how well organized the International Antalya Film Festival is, Hazanavicius said, “Our screening went really well. I made people laugh. The people at the festival are very friendly, everything is well organized. I also liked the selection. I think this is a good festival. I’m glad I came. I was also lucky tour around the city and I’m fascinated by it.”

On his film Redoubtable, which is about the relationship between director Jean-Luc Godard and young actress Anne Wiazemsky, he said, “I tried to make the film funny. I love Italian comedies. I was inspired by those. Comedy films aren’t very popular at Cannes. I received some angry reactions as well as really good ones. Some people think Godard is sacred. The film didn’t get as many bad reactions as I anticipated. Louis, the lead actor of the film, is both handsome and charismatic, and he is also a very serious actor. It was more fun to have such a serious actor act in a comedy. In my film I told the story of not a hero, not a villain but a person.”