Münir Alper Doğan

Münir Alper Doğan

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Münir Alper Doğan

Münir Alper Doğan

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Münir Alper Doğan

Münir Alper Doğan
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Conversations with five philosophy scholars from Turkey about philosophy, art, literature, life and death. Prof. Dr. Örsan K. Öymen, Prof. Dr. Halil Turan, Prof. Dr. Türker Armaner, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barış Parkaner and retired philosophy scholar Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cemil Güzey. In a very basic and important but neglected area in Turkey, we are looking for answers to important questions with the help of five important philosophy scholars who contributed important academic works to the area and we are tracing the marks of philosophy in their personal lives. What did the famous philosophers who left their marks in the history of philosophy add to our lives and to the world? We are speaking about Descartes, Hume, Nietzsche, Spinoza, Marx, Wittgenstein, Heraclitus, Sokrates, Plato, Aristoteles and many others, while on a journey in the history of philosophy.


Münir Alper Doğan graduated from ITU Electronics and Telecommunication Department in 2006 and studied filmmaking in Prague Film School. He received his master’s degree in Cinema and Television Department at Istanbul Bilgi University. He has worked as a screenwriter and director of photography in various projects. He has written essays about cinema in Psikesinema magazine. He made short films and documentaries.

Türkiye, 2023