Cenk Kaptan

Cenk Kaptan

Director of Photography
Cenk Kaptan

Cenk Kaptan

Cenk Kaptan

Anıl Aba
A. Oral Sargın
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Çağatay Vural
Çağrı Özdemir
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Yasin Soyöz
Zafer Özkan

Who Are You?

The most difficult part of the pandemic, which lasted more than 2 years, was the musicians. OLTA Solidarity, founded by independent musicians, made a name for itself with the support it gave to musicians during the pandemic process. OLTA Solidarity managed to release 130 songs with a total of 10 albums. All his income was transferred to musicians, music and stage workers who were unemployed during the pandemic process. The stories of industry workers and musicians are “Who are you?” It was the subject of a documentary film. “Who Are You?” questions and objects with a humorous style, the history of music, its formal and commercial evolution since the 20th century, commercial and independent music, and music bans that started during the pandemic period and still continue. “Who are you?” also underlines how indispensable music and musicians are for societies, which are evolving into commerce today.


He was born in 1980 in Istanbul. He founded VCS Film and Music Production in 2003. He graduated from Beykent University Social Sciences Institute Cinema - TV in 2011. He worked as a lecturer at various universities. His short film "Sweet Dreams" was honored in 2007, and his short film "38 C", which he produced and directed in 2009, was awarded 15 different awards. In 2010, his short film "Mukadderat" made it to the finals in the Golden Orange Short Film category.


Türkiye, 2023