Kıvanç Sezer

Kıvanç Sezer

Hatip Karabudak

Selda Taşkın

Art Director
Ceyda Yüceer

Kaan Korkmaz
Emin Akpınar
Kıvanç Sezer
Hatip Karabudak

Alican Yücesoy
Ece Yüksel
Halil Babür


Sarp and Eda decide to rent an Airbnb house in a remote location outside İstanbul for one last rendezvous before a long separation. Upon arriving at the house, they encounter Can, who is attempting suicide, and intervene to rescue him. While their immediate focus is on helping Can, something even more crucial is at stake: their relationship. Perhaps this is the reason why they find themselves unable to depart from the house. As tensions rise and arguments ensue, the couple becomes increasingly entangled, making it difficult for them to part ways. This time, it is Can who will rescue them. Can offers the monkfish he caught in the morning, its lifeless eyes reflecting death. As Eda displays excessive interest in Can, it causes a rift between Sarp and Eda. Nonetheless, the couple decides to stay at the house, believing it to be their last night together. Eda and Can share another common interest: chess. As Sarp's jealousy intensifies, Eda and Can become engrossed in the limitless possibilities of the chessboard. As the night unfolds, the three initially grow closer, but as alcohol and drugs come into play, they embark on a truth-revealing guessing game that goes on much longer than necessary.

Kıvanç Sezer

Born in Ankara, Kıvanç Sezer began making short films after completing his bioengineering studies at Ege University. In 2007, Sezer went to Italy on an Erasmus scholarship and he studied editing. After completing his studies in Italy, he returned to Türkiye and embarked on a career in the film and television industry and continued to produce documentaries and short films. His debut feature film, ‘My Father’s Wings' (2015), had its premiere in the main competition section of the 51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. His second film, 'La Belle Indifference' (2019), which he also produced, was selected for the main competition section of the 54th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Both of his films have received over fifty awards at national and international festivals.

Türkiye,  2023, DCP, Colour, 78’