Mete Gümürhan

Chris Westendorp

Stephan Polman

David Verdurme

Art Director
Nadide Argun van Uden

Nadir Öperli
Stienette Bosklopper
Dries Phlypo

Alihan Şahin
Sinan Eroğlu
Hayat van Eck
Mina Demirtaş
Lorin Merhart


Born and raised in Rotterdam, Zeki experiences the trauma of losing his mother; this trauma is further compounded by his father Mahir's decision to relocate to Türkiye. While Mahir goes to work, fourteen-year-old Zeki has to spend his summer vacation within the walls of the gated community where they live. Zeki, who practices the sport of free running, manages to escape the walls of the complex. There, he encounters children living in the surrounding slums and befriends Kemal. As Kemal and Zeki's friendship deepens, Kemal's best friend becomes jealous of their bond. Zeki arrives in İstanbul with preconceived notions, but as he encounters new people and becomes part of a new circle of friends, he discovers a world that is both enjoyable and liberating.

Mete Gümürhan

Mete Gümürhan, born in 1975 in Rotterdam, graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2009. While still a student in 2007, he founded Kaliber Film and contributed to the co-production of numerous award-winning short and feature films. His directorial debut, the documentary ‘Young Wrestlers,’ received a Special Mention from the Generation Kplus International Jury at the 66th Berlin Film Festival, where it premiered. ‘Belonging’ marks his first venture into fiction feature filmmaking.

Türkiye, Netherlands, Belgium 2023​, DCP, Colour, 82’
Turkish, Dutch