Zeki Demirkubuz

Zeki Demirkubuz

Cevahir Şahin, Kürşat Üresin

Zeki Demirkubuz

Art Director
Sinem San

Zeki Demirkubuz

Miray Daner
Burak Dakak
Cem Davran
Umut Kurt
Melis Birkan
Osman Alkaş
Ozan Dağara
Doğu Demirkol


Hicran runs away from home when her father forces her into an unwanted engagement with Rıza. Rıza initially ignores the situation when he thinks Hicran doesn't want to be with him. But when this rejection eventually bothers him, he decides to confront the problem. Following Hicran to the big city, he embarks on a long search for her in Istanbul.

Zeki Demirkubuz

Zeki Demirkubuz embarked on his cinema career in 1986 as an assistant to Zeki Ökten. In 1994, he completed his debut feature film, 'Block C.' His film 'Innocence' (1997) earned a screening at the Venice Film Festival. 'The Third Page' (1999) was showcased at various European film festivals, including the Locarno and Rotterdam Film Festivals, along with festivals in Türkiye. During this period, Zeki Demirkubuz initiated work on his trilogy titled 'The Dark Tales.' The first two films of the trilogy, 'Fate' (2001) and 'Confession' (2001), were presented in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival in 2002. Demirkubuz concluded the trilogy with 'The Waiting Room' (2003), in which he also portrayed the lead role. He then directed 'Destiny' (2006), narrating the origins of 'Innocence.' His filmography includes 'Envy' (2009), 'Inside' (2012), 'Nausea' (2015), and 'Ember' (2016).

Türkiye, Bulgaria 2023, DCP, Colour, 193’