Submissions Close for 59 th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival!

The call for entries to the 59th edition of the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival has now closed, with 265 projects applying to the National Competitions, 77 to the Adapted Screenplay Competition and 206 to the Antalya Film Forum. The Festival, which runs from October 1-8, 2022, is hosted by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Forty-six films were submitted to the National Feature Film Competition, 52 to the National Documentary Film Competition and 167 to the National Short Film Competition. As well as the traditional Golden Orange statuettes, National Competition winners this year stand to receive a total of TL 940 thousand in prize money.

The Golden Orange Adapted Screenplay Competition, a new addition to the Antalya Film Festival this year, received 77 entries in all. The two trophies up for grabs in the Adapted Screenplay Competition include the Best Screenplay Award, which comes with TL 80 thousand in prize money, and the Special Jury Prize, which is worth TL 40 thousand. If the author of the original work and the screenwriter are not the same person, the awards will be shared equally between the two writers. The winners of the competition will be announced at the opening ceremony of the 59th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival on October 1, 2022.

Record Number of Entries to Antalya Film Forum!

Submissions to the five categories of this year’s Antalya Film Forum, which takes place physically in Antalya from October 2-4, and online from October 4-6, broke all records so far with 206 projects applying. Seventy-six entries were received for the Pitching for Feature Films in Development Platform, 26 for the Features Work in Progress Platform, 35 for the Documentaries Work in Progress Platform, seven for the Sümer Tilmaç Antalya Film Support Fund Pitching Platform and 62 for the Series / Short Series Pitching Platform. Some TL 430 thousand in cash prizes will be awarded by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in four of the Antalya Film Forum categories, while the Netflix Turkey Grow Creative program will be offering TL 100 thousand in prize money for the Series / Short Series Platform. Further special awards will also be presented across all five categories by leading names and institutions in the industry.

The 59th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival is chaired by the Mayor of Antalya, Muhittin Böcek, and executive directed by Cansel Tuncer, while Ahmet Boyacıoğlu takes on the role of Festival director and Başak Emre of artistic director. The Antalya Film Forum is co-directed by Armağan Lale and Pınar Evrenosoğlu.