Selected Projects


The line-up of Antalya Film Support Fund Pitching Platform projects selected to compete at the Forum has been unveiled. This year, 6 projects were submitted to the Antalya Film Support Fund Pitching Platform of the Antalya Film Forum, a sidebar event of the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival that provides funding and networking support to newly emerging projects. The preselection jury consisted of scriptwriter-director Abdurrahman Öner, scriptwriter-director Burcu Aykar and scriptwriter-director Çiğdem Vitrinel. The preselection jury selected three titles to compete in the platform.

  • BAD MAN  Director: Kayhan Başoğlu | Scriptwriters: Kayhan Başoğlu, Farid Hasanov  | Producer: Levent Özel
  • EIGENGRAU Director: Ahmet Küçükkayalı | Scriptwriter: Ahmet Küçükkayalı | Producer: Ahmet Küçükkayalı | Co-producers: Selma Babajic, Ulrich Kunz
  • LET’S NOT SLEEP EARLY Director: Aytaç Uzun | Scriptwriter: Aytaç Uzun | Producer: Onur Akkız

Among the selected projects, after the main jury evaluation, one project will receive the Antalya Film Support Fund Award worth TL 200 thousand and the Fono Film Post Production Award.